Design and construction of range of electro-mechanical systems and prototypes for special applications.

The lab offers the capability for analysis, design (electrical, electronic, mechanical) and construction of many types of systems and equipment for a range of applications.

Some of the recent systems completed in our lab for various projects and applications are:

1) Shaker facility for determining the strength of materials and bonds under severe shaking and vibration (right) with the following perameters:

      α) Frequency of vibration: up to about 1500Hz

      β) Vibration amplitude: ± 3cm

      γ) Acceleration: up to ± 10000g

The facility has been used for determining the strength of joints and bonds in space technology materials to determine their capabiliuty of withstanding severe vibration during take-off.

2) Facility for carrying our controlled solid-state reactions under vacuum  at temperatures up to about 1000οC (right). The facility is used for studies such as:

    α) Thermal treatments of sensitive materials, under vacuum

    β) Exothermic reactions under vacuum as being carried out to determine the conditions for sintering regolith for In-situ resource utilisation (ISRU) planetary exploration studies. It has been found that many solid-state reactions behave completely differently if carried out under vacuum rather than under some atmosphere.

3) System (left) for carrying our hot-pressing inside a furnace or SHS under pressure – SHS usually produces porous materials ideal for catalysts etc. If pressure is applied at the same time as the SHS, dense materials can ne manufactured. The system is able to record temperatures and pressure in a PC during the tests

4) System (right) for studying and measuring outgassing of materials up to about 500oC under vacuum.  μελέτης και μετρήσεων εκπομπής πτητικών από στερεά (outgassing) υπό κενό (δεξιά) σε θερμοκρασίες μέχρι περίπου 500οC. The sytem has been used for determining the pressure and temperature Τat which materials begin outgassing.

5) Our new system for studying catalytic pyrolysis of combustible solids – a combustion calorimeter. It is being used for determining the combustion temperature (and energy) under catalytic pyrolysis of soot (diesel or other). We are testing our own SHS (and SCS) catalysts for diesel vehicles.