Dr George Vekinis

PhD Physics, Head of Laboratory

Born in Athens, Greece, George studied Physics and Materials Engineering in South Africa, MBA in the UK and has lived in South Africa, UK and Greece. He has extensive experience in advanced ceramics and composites, fracture mechanics, thermomechanical systems for spacecraft, nanotechnology, environmental remediation, technology transfer, innovation management and other. He has over 120 publications and is the author of two books on Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer. He is a Research Director at NCSR Demokritos, a Senior Consultant for the European Commission. Manager of the Education Office and President of the Researchers’Association of NCSR Demokritos, President of a spin-off company and ex-President of the Hellenic Society for Science and Technology of Condensed Matter.

Tel: +30 210 6503322, g.vekinis(at)

Dr Galina Xanthopoulou

DSc (Chemical Physics), PhD Physical Chemistry, Senior Researcher

Galina was born in Kazakhstan where she studied and has lived in Kazakhstan and Greece. She is a worldwide expert in SHS and SCS, pioneering new SHS catalysts (DSc, 1996). She also has very extensive expertise in SHS refractories, pigments and other materials. She also pioneered the use of SHS for space applications (1984) while in the Soviet Union when she designed and developed the fibrous thermal protection tiles. She has over 250 publications and conference presentations and has been on numerous lecture tours in the US, Japan, Kazakhstan and elsewhere. She has also supervised nearly 200 research students at various levels in Kazakhstan and Greece.

Tel: +30 210 6503348, g.xanthopoulou(at)

Dr Amalia Marinou

PhD Materials Engineering, Post-Doc Research Associate

Amalia was born in Ptolemaida, Greece and studied at Ioannina University obtaining first her BSc and then her MSc in Materials Science and Engineering. She has worked on thermal spray coatings and corrossion resistance alloys. Her PhD work was carried out in ACCL on the development of “Combustion-Assisted Flame SpraYing” (CAFSY) at the University of Ioannina. She is working under contract on various EC and ESA-funded projects, especially the Rastas-Spear, Pulcher, Irena and the ReGS projects. She is also collaborating with industry.

 Tel: +30 210 6503339, a.marinou(at)

Ms Ioanna Tsirimokou

BEng Electrical Engineering

Administrative and Technical support – Public Relationns

Tel: +30 210 6503322, i.tsirimokou(at)

Mr Diogenis Stratidakis

Higher Technical Diploma, Electronics, Research Assistant

Diogenis was born in Crete, Greece and studied In Athens. He lives in Athens and is experienced in a wide range of technical areas, including electronic, mechanical, thermal, computer etc. He is currently working under contract on our research projects.

 Tel: +30 210 6503105, d.stratidakis(at)