Chemical and Combustion Properties

1. Atomic-structural analysis using X-Ray Diffraction
2. Elemental analysis using EDX (in the SEM) and XRF
3. Molecular mass of polymers by viscosity measurement.
4. Chemical resistance of all materials to many types of corrosive chemicals.
5. Gas Chromatography
6. Determination of air pollutants (PM2.5, PM10, CO2, CO)
7. Solvent separation of paints, glues, inks etc.
8. Oxidation resistance of all materials up to 1250oC
9. Test for solid oxidizing substances
10. Corrosion tests for metals
11. Catalytic measurements for various industrial and environmental processes
12. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
13.Water solubility
14. Solubility in organic diluents
15. SHS and SCS combustion synthesis
16. Flammability of paper, card and plastics and all construction materials