Studies, tests and installations for energy usage optimisation

Optimisation of energy usage is the most effective way of reducing electricity consumption. Most buildings, homes etc were never designed or constructed on the basis of conserving or optimising energy usage. Energy can be wasted in various ways:

1) Inadequate thermal insulation of walls, windows etc necessitating excessive use of heating or colling systems

2) Inadequate control of temperature inside the buildings

3) Inadequate control of electricity consumption spikes which are much more expensive than steady electricity consumption.

4) Insufficient utilisation of energy-saving systems such as:

  • solar heating of water,
  • renewables such as photovoltaic and wind-driven electricity generating systems etc

Our laboratory can carry out studies, pilot tests and installations to solve all the above problems, in collaboration with external collaborators, as ncessary.

During the last years, we have carried out studies and tests for

  • Energy optimisation of existing buildings adapting innovative industrial solutions
  • Energy saving systems for drying materials using Microwave-assisted hot-air drying solutions
  • Electricity storage systems to store excess energy generation by renewable systems, e.g. batteries or pumped water storage (at a higher elevation)

Case Study: Energy generation and storage in areas close to the sea shore:

Areas close to the sea shore (islands etc) are ideally positioned to take advantage of energy generated by waves to generate electricity. In conjunction with other types of renewable energy generation, this would allow independence of energy generation for islands which are now dependent on expensive means of electricity generation and very significant cost and energy savings. In more details:

  • Wave action can easily be transformed to mechanical action on a pumping system to pump sea water into a reservoir at a higher elevation via a system of one-way valves and autonomous pumping station. The potential energy stored in this water can then be used to rotate turbines to generate electricity as it moves downhill to a lower level reservoir.
  • Such energy storage can be used in conjunction with other renewable methods to ensure continuous electricity production, thereby eliminating the main problem of renewables.