High level facilities and expertise guarantee high level scientific and technological research.

Over the years the laboratory has developed a large range of scientific and technological prossesing, measuring and testing facilities. We are able to produce and characterise a very large range of materials, products and systems at a very high level of accuracy and realiability.

The most important facilities are the folowing:

1. INSTRON testing frames 5982 (100kN) and 1026 (500N and 5kN) with high temperature (1250oC) furnace and environmental chamber
2. BET facility for measuring specific surface area and porosimetry
3. Gas Chromatograph
4. Optical and electron microscopy (SEM,TEM)
5. Lab furnaces (to 1800oC), microwaves, differnent atmospheres, vacuum, etc.
6. Flame spray coating facility

7. Autoclave (200oC,10 bar)
8. Hydraulic presses (to 100 ton)
9. UVB and Sunlight weathering chamber
10. Thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, DTA and large mass reactive TGA facilities
11. ANSYS FEA and CFD numerical modeling
12. Hardness, microhardness, abrasion, corossion and erosion facilities

and others.