Studies and measurements of chemical reactions and hydrogenation

the lab carries out a range of tests and measurements of chemical reactions, many based on its research activities, such as:

1) Chemical reactions in a wet-chemistry lab

2) Catalytic reactions, heterogeneous and homogeneous

3) Hydrogenation of metals (to produce hydrides etc) with equipment which can carry out hydrogenation tests to about 50Bar

4) Thermal pyrolysis of various materials.

In particular, the hydrogenation system for metals offers the capability for producing metal hydrides that otherwise would be very difficult to find in the open market for special applications such as space radiation protection etc.  

Catalytic reactions using purpose-designed (SHS/SCS) catalysts are being studied for a range of applications in purpose built facilties (right), such as:

    α) Oxidation of CO and soot from exhaust gases from internal combustion engines in vehicles

    β) Reforming of methane (CH4) with CO2 for the production of synthesis gas  (CO+H2)

    γ) Deep methane oxidation

    δ) Catalytic cracking of diesel and naphtha